Furniture Repair Manhattan NY

London Joiners Furniture Repair in Connecticut and New York

London Joiners Ltd. are expert cabinetmakers and restorers of fine antiques with 40 years of experience at the same location in Pound Ridge New York for 32 years. Willy Godziemba-Maliszewski, is widely known for his classical and modern cabinetwork and furniture making and Furniture Repair.

London Joiners Ltd. are also expert in traditional gold leaf work, French Polishing, Italian Polishing, ancient wax quill (reed) polishing, clock case parts, bone and pearl work, and veneer restoration.

Furniture Repair Manhattan NY

We understand the value a piece of furniture holds, especially if it's an antique or a family heirloom. We can apply all of our furniture repair services to your beloved antiques to restore them back.

Our expert Furniture Repair Manhattan NY for fine antiques as well as many types of furniture is well known in service areas such as: